We're hiring! Part time kitchen and market help wanted

We're hiring! Please pass along to anyone who may be interested. 

Brooklyn Soda Works, a young beverage company focusing on carbonating fresh fruit juice and creating unconventional flavors (we sometimes develop a new flavor a week), is looking to hire its first employees. We seek motivated, reliable individuals to help both in the kitchen AND/ OR for markets. This is the perfect opportunity to grow with a small company working from the ground up. 

About Brooklyn Soda Works:

Formed in early 2010 by an artist and a chemist, we focus on carbonating fresh juice - never using syrups - to make sodas. We have adventurous palates and more interested in investigating herb & spices, pairing them with fruit, rather than trying to recreate syrupy overly sweet sodas. We primarily sell at weekly markets fresh from the keg and also work with select restaurants such as Blue Hill Manhattan & Palo Santo. We are building out a kitchen and expanding this spring so this is the perfect opportunity for a motivated, ambitious individual to contribute to every aspect of a new food business.

You will be working in close collaboration with the co-founders Caroline and Antonio and there will be opportunities to have a bigger role in the company as it grows.  You will also be regularly interacting with lots of great food people.  Our current account list is small but it includes great restaurants like Blue Hill and great bars like Beer Table.  2011 is already shaping up to be a year where we expand into many more high-end restaurants.  You will also quickly become an expert on local fruit- meeting many local farmers and learning who has the best stuff and when.  Nothing beats actually being a part of the burgeoning NYC food scene by working the markets where we've had the pleasure to work next to many great vendors big and small from Porchetta, Good Fork, Red Hook Lobster Pound and Mast Brothers to a constantly refreshing list of up and coming companies like ourselves.

2 main responsibilities (please indicate which you think you are best suited for)

-making soda (chopping and juicing fruit, kitchen prep, cleaning and boiling/extracting spices, kegging and carbonating, some bottling)

Requirements:  basic kitchen skills, an interest in developing flavors, ability to lift a 50lb keg of soda, reliable


-selling soda at markets (Saturdays in Fort Greene, Sundays in williamsburg from 10am - 5pm, some one-off markets)

Requirements: personable, reliable, an interest in interacting with customers explaining the product and how its made. Able to lift some heavy equipment, and assisting with setting up and dismantling equipment. 

Additional opportunities for motivated individuals include:

  • flavor development- suggesting, making and testing new flavors, improving existing flavor ideas
  • ingredient sourcing, interacting with local farmers, possibly even foraging/picking in spring/fall
  • accounting/scheduling     
  • delivering soda bottles and kegs to our regular accounts, setting up new accounts, delivering samples to press, restaurants etc
  • working events and collaborations with other food vendors/trucks, restaurants, bars. (New Museum event, making mix drinks with the soda for parties, etc)
  • kitchen design/organization (we're in the middle of building out our new kitchen)

Start date: early/ mid March 2011

If this sounds good to you please reply and come meet us!  Let us know whether you are more interested in retail work at the markets or kitchen work (or both) . Email us : brooklynsodaworks@gmail.com

Time: 10-15 hours a week.