Tasty edibles from the past month (part 1)

This will not be a soda-related post. There will be no mention of carbon dioxide, bubbles nor spice extraction techniques. Just a list of some of the things we enjoyed eating the most the past few weeks in Thailand (where Antonio went scuba diving for the first time; we saw a giant manta ray and we practiced chest-thumping one another 25 meters underwater).

We started in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Antonio found a very useful food blog, Eating Asia, to assist our food adventures. Top of the list was the khao soi (egg noodles in a broth of coconut milk curry sauce, usually with a meat - Chiang Mai's signature noodle dish) we had at Khao Soi Lam Duan.  Lam Duan also makes a great sausage - packed with spices and lemongrass...yum.

We also like trawling night markets for various snacks  - I have a soft spot for these little Thai crepes (kanom buang thai) made fresh in front of you...

We also came across a small Burmese restaurant in the young, hip neighborhood of Nimmenhaemin. It's easy to miss - just a small food stall across from soi 13 - and decor-wise nothing to write home about, but wow, their tea leaf salad was like nothing I'd ever tried. Made from fermented tea leaves it's slightly smokey, with acidity & sharpness from the tomatoes & onions.

And finally a dessert of epic proportions... it's honey toast! From the ice cream chain I-Berry (they make flavors ranging from green mango to sticky rice) comes the decadent mini-loaf of toasted bread, stuffed with ice cream, then drizzled with honey.