Rhubarb time!

It's spring and that means rhubarb

And since it's almost mother's day, I thought I'd say hi to my mum in Hong Kong and dedicate this post to her!

My mum, who normally doesn't have a sweet tooth, is quite a fan of rhubarb crumble, a traditional English dessert (she lived in the UK for years and had me there before we moved back to Hong Kong).  In America's north east they make their appearance in late April and hang about all through summer.

We've been playing around with various rhubarb combinations... we tried rhubarb with ginger and cardamom, but the fragrance of the cardamom didn't quite come through, so the other day we decided to go with star anise, which worked much better.

Unfortunately the weather for this Saturday looks very unstable so we're not sure if we'll be at the Flea (stay tuned for an update), but either way, there'll be a rhubarb & ginger soda on the menu soon. I've been talking to Lisa at Phillips Farms in NJ and we're using their rhubarb (which despite not being the traditional red color, is incredibly flavorful).