Plums & blackberries for this Saturday. And a Pie in the Park benefit on Sunday

It's become hard to figure out what fruit to use - everything looks so great at the greenmarkets. This week we've decided to go for yellow plums from Red Jacket, and have paired it up with our beloved ginger.

So succulent and juicy...

And blackberries are in season too - we get ours from Phillips Farm in south NJ. We'll be debuting our blackberry cream soda this Friday. 


In other news, I attempted a sweet corn and basil soda last week. Corn was everywhere when I was in N. Carolina and its just starting to come into season up here. Still need to figure out how to balance out the flavors, but hopefully a sweetcorn flavor will make its appearance at some point.  Sweetcorn is used frequently in south-east Asian desserts, often in conjunction with coconut or tapioca.  Check out this recipe for ice kacang, a Malaysian shaved ice dessert.

This week we can be found at our usual spot at the Brooklyn Flea (right next to Porchetta and Good Batch). In addition our yellow plum & ginger will be available at the worthy Pie in the Park event in Prospect Park, organized by Lauren Cucinotta.  All proceeds will go towards our other Flea neighbors, Scratchbread who are running their own Kickstarter campaign to secure their own retail space (keeping our fingers crossed as their retail location is a couple of blocks from our apartment)