Photos from the tasting party and lots of root beer floats!

It's Sunday Soda Tasting Day!  We invited some friends over to help us taste our first soda scale up and to say thanks to everyone for the support we've received over the past few months, raising funds and putting up with our incessant soda and juicing talk.

The first few pulls of the taps resulted in very foamy soda spewing out and some sad attempts at stemming the foamy outbursts, but eventually we got it right (the lines in the jockey boxes must be as cold as possible!), and were soon serving up some 3 flavors of soda celebrating the beginning of spring!

Our friend Adrienne had bought over ice cream for floats.

Happy ginger beer drinker, Binh.

Step 1: pour root beer into large glass

Step 2: scoop in generous serving of ice cream

Step 3: Watch it foam!

Step 4: Do as David did, and slurp happily away

Give thumbs up (thanks to Opher's thumb)

Maria enjoying her root beer.