Photos from first day of Flea! And a bit of press from Offmanhattan and Dirty Hands NY

Sorry for the delay!  Here are photos from our first day at the Flea:

happy & colourful customers

After running around all morning lugging around heavy kegs and coolers, we finally got our booth set up around 10:30am (must remember to get a good hand truck this week)

Wonderful roving band that appeared from seemingly nowhere

this is what happens with the dregs of the soda from the bottom of the keg - we drink it. from our measuring cup apparently.

And thanks to Chermelle from for stopping by and taking a couple of photos for her photo essay on the Flea (you can see her story here)

Special thanks to Liza from, a multimedia project that focuses on creative, DIY New Yorkers, for profiling us. Her photo-essay which covers all steps from our experiments in the kitchen to our tasting party with friends, is up here: