Maple syrup & bacon soda

We're in the middle of phase 1 of our maple bacon & syrup experiment. We bought Ridgewood smoked bacon from Choice Greene, the fancy market one block away, and fried it up in a pan for about 15 minutes over medium heat. Water was then added, and we let it simmer for an hour.

The result is a fatty bacon liquid!

We added gelatin to the mixture, poured the mixture into ice cube trays and let it freeze over night.

The next day, we moved the bacon-gelatin ice cubes out of the freezer, and into the fridge, letting the ice cubes melt very slowly, collecting the fat-free bacon water, which after 48 hours was 125ml.


Next step - maple syrup!

35ml of maple syrup was added and the mixture diluted to 450ml. The mixture was a good balance between maple, bacon saltiness and sweetness.

Now we wait and carbonate.