Strawberry, hops & pink peppercorn! More rhubarb!

It's that time of the year - the first strawberries are making their way up north from south jersey to New York greenmarkets.  We did a strawberry, balsamic & black pepper last weekend that went over wonderfully well, so it's time for the more adventurous strawberry, hops & pink peppercorn!

Our strawberries are from a stand over at Smorgasburg; Hector at New Jersey Farm Produce has come through with four flats of gorgeous strawberries each week. The hops are an interesting new American variety called Bravo (thanks to the Brooklyn Home Brew people for their help) - it's used as a bittering hop variety, and has a nice burst of citrus aroma. 

So our flavors this week and where you can find them:

Saturday Brooklyn Flea

  • Rhubarb & Thai basil (this sold out last year by 2:30pm!)
  • Apple & ginge

Smorgasburg (on Saturday in Williamsburg) AND Sunday Flea:

  • Strawberry hops & pink peppercorn
  • Rhubarb & Thai basil
  • Apple Ginger
  • Root Beer