Help us design our flag! Open call for flag design!

We've doubled our presence at markets this spring and will be doing more and more outdoor events & markets this year but it's always a challenge trying to create a space that is uniquely yours, as well as being highly visible in a busy market, when everything has to be able to be easily set-up, taken down, as well as fitting into a Toyota Camry. So we're putting out an open call for a flag design.

flag for the Isle of Man

 the pirate Blackbeard's flag

 the flag of the Benin Empire 


  • The flag should be highly visible from a distance away
  • Imagery should relate to us and/ our product somehow, however abstractly
  • If you have text, include any fonts you used
  • If you're using any Pantone or web colors, make note of it somewhere
  • The final size of the flag will be roughly 2-3 ft x 1-2 ft (this is a very rough estimate) but this does NOT mean the flag design has to be rectangular. We are very flexible and are happy to consider flag designs for anything from triangles to hexagons.
  • Include your preferred dimensions for the flag 
  • Ideally the final design should be a vector image, but don't worry if it's not - a high res jpg is fine. You can create the flag design any way you like (even a scanned sketch is okay). 
  • File size should not exceed 8MB
  • Include your contact info and send to
  • Deadline is June 1st, 2011

What you get from this:

  •  Our eternal gratitude
  • We'll fly your flag proudly as many chances as we get. We are at the Brooklyn Flea every Saturday and Sunday, as well as a number of other outdoor events throughout the year.  
  • Free soda at all our outdoor markets for the entire year (if you live outside of NYC we'll do our best to ship you a comparable prize)
  • A customized growler for you to use to fill up our fizzy beverage with
  • A profile in our June newsletter and on our blog