Beer Table Tasting Event: Nov 7th 7-9pm

We are very proud to announce our first ever tasting event on Nov 7th which will be held at Beer Table, one of our favorite beer bars and the host of a monthly homebrewer's night.

Not just content with our 40+ flavors that we have dispensed at various markets and events, we have been working hard on foams, gels, flavored ice cubes and garnishes (don't forget, one of us is a chemist). This tasting represents some of our wackiest ideas, all of which we are trying out for the first time. Reserve your ticket by emailing: (tickets are $35)

Tasting Menu

  • Citra hops & honey soda, with apink peppercorn foam head 
  • Salted plum soda with Thai basil
  • Fresh pressed Honeycrisp apple soda with cranberry ice cubes
  • Spiced ginger soda with coconut pandan foam - Warm almond milk dessert