Apples and more apples! our new chai-spiced apple fizzy juice

After an absence of two weeks (one to go to Montauk, and the other to participate in Harvest Fest at Stone Barns) we're back at the Flea this weekend. 

our booth at Stone Barns

We're looking forward to debuting a new flavor: chai-spiced apple! We'll be using Empire and Macoun apples for the chai-spiced flavor. In addition we'll have Golden Supreme apple and ginger, plus some more sorrel soda for you hibiscus lovers out there.

The chai-spiced apple carbonated juice won't have any actual tea in, but we're using the spices that are commonly associated with chai - cardamom, star anise, clove and cinnamon.

Our dates for October:

October 9th - we'll be at the Flea with the above mentioned flavors
October 16th - at the Flea.. hopefully with a pear flavor?
October 23rd - it's Antonio's birthday so we're taking a break to go hike in the Catskills
October 30th - turn up to the Flea in a costume from an obscure television show and you get a discount.  Guess my costume and what television show its from and the fizzy beverage is on us.