A successful party! Brooklyn Soda Works at Beer Table!

 It was great to see a number of you at our party with SCRATCHbread last week - and congratulations to SCRATCHbread for making their goal on Kickstarter.  We served up lemon, thyme & green peppercorn soda (paired with gin) and spiced apple cider with bourbon, while Matt & his team made up a delicious batch of fondue - perfect for a freezing cold evening. Thanks again to Red Jacket Orchard and The Manhattan Cocktail Classic for kindly donating the apples and booze!

We still have a couple of things up our sleeve for the last part of 2010. We're happy to announce that Beer Table in Park Slope will soon be carrying our soda. We'll be starting off with a keg of apple & ginger soda this coming weekend to celebrating the new draft system that Justin from Beer Table has installed, and hopefully after that we'll be dropping off fun new flavors with them on a regular basis.  

We're incredibly excited about working with Justin and Tricia - their bar has been the location of a number of our 'work meetings' and they also host a monthly home-brewer's meet-up where we've tried out test batches of root beer on unwitting home-brewers. They have one of the most eclectic and interesting beer selections in New York, and their space is always wonderfully welcoming and intimate. Plus its one of the few places I get to eat a malt gelato after drinking a beer that smells like engine oil.

Also happening this weekend (December 18th from 3-5pm) is a demo that I'll be doing in Pantry Magic in Hong Kong (where I'll be for the rest of December). I'll be demonstrating how to make your own spiced cranberry soda, as well as a lemongrass & lime soda, and a salty lemon & ginger soda.