About Brooklyn Soda Works

Brooklyn Soda Works makes high quality, healthy sodas right here in Brooklyn that are super fresh and super fun.

We start with tons (literally!) of fruit and herbs from upstate NY, Long Island and NJ. First the fruit is juiced, then we add fresh herbs or spices, and finally we add CO2 to make it bubbly. A Brooklyn Soda Works soda always tastes exactly like the fruit it is made out of.

We like interesting flavor combinations but we keep the ingredients simple and straight-forward - only the best fruit & herbs are used. We never use “natural” flavors, preservatives, syrups or concentrates. Unlike other fruit sodas out there, we use more than just a few drops of fruit juice – the first item in our ingredient list is always fresh fruit juice, never water.

We think soda can be juicy and refreshing, simple and sophisticated, healthy and fun, but mostly importantly just good… damn good!